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Hotel Borbollón

Updated: Mar 12

¡Hola! Hello!

Estoy muy felíz de estar nuevamente con ustedes para compartir una hermosa noticia...

“Hotel Borbollón” está aquí!...

I’m very happy to be with you again to share beautiful news ...

“Hotel Borbollón” is here! ...

Como coach, puedo decirte que es maravilloso!

Es un curso que puedes incluir en tu rutina diaria, sin que la altere, y al mismo tiempo, te ayuda a mejorar tus habilidades en español.

As a coach, I can tell you that it’s wonderful!

It’s a course that you can include in your daily routine, without altering it, and at the same time, it helps you improve your Spanish skills.


Tengo otra hermosa noticia, también puedes aprender a mejorar tus habilidades en alemán.

I have other beautiful news, you can also learn or improve your German skills here


These new courses join our online English and French courses.

Espero te animes a probarlos, ya que me encantaría ser tu coach!

Te deseo un día maravilloso! Espero verte pronto!

I hope you are happy to try them all, since I would love to be your coach!

I wish you a wonderful day! I hope to see you soon online!


Guest blogger :

Valeria Pizzorno after leaving Punta del Este her home town in Uruguay traveled the world studying and working. She studied Psychology and the preparation in this field made her to realize that she was passionate about languages. She did training and courses in well-know schools in Uruguay and Italy and for the last 15 years has since been a freelance Spanish Language Coach offline and online.


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